I love it, it is beautiful. My Mother was so happy; she is 89 years old and was thrilled to see this picture.
Patricia P., NC

This is amazing. You have made it possible for a granddaughter to see a clear image of her grandmother for the first time. I’m putting Kleenex in her bag - I know things are going to get emotional. Thank you so much!
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Richard S., MA

This makes me want to cry! Mother made my sister and me matching dresses for school. You captured us perfectly!
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Adam W., IN

So impressed. This original family photo was a copy of a copy but was the only version still in existence. This photo is of my 93 year old Grandmother holding her first of eight babies! We are so happy to have this back in our family in a quality, frame able print.
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I was concerned about having you restore the photo knowing nothing about you but I must say it was money well spent and will not hesitate to use your services again if needed and to recommend you to anyone needing a photo restored.
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Wow your restoration was and is above outstanding. You have this old lady so very happy and made my memories come back of a wonderful love which lasted 38 years .Thank you. Regards, Maggie from Australia.
Margaret W., Australia

Thank you! Many of our old family photos were lost in a fire, so everyone we can save is special.
Jeremiah M., GA

AMAZING work.....worth the money without a doubt!!!! Thank you for restoring such a special memory for us. You guys are AWESOME!!!
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Great job guys, excellent rendition of WW1 Anzac diggers.
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Thank you so much...our customer was so happy when she saw the colorized version she actually cried.
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Fantastic effort Onlinephotofix, I really appreciate you putting my Grandfather and his team back into color. You have no idea how emotional it is to see this after fifty years. I will recommend you to anyone. Cheers.
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This picture looks wonderful. Thanks for helping to preserve my family heritage. This was the only picture that exists of my grandmother as a baby. It’s like it was made yesterday.
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Your work is fantastic as usual. There are many others photo repair companies on line, but I am glad that we chose Onlinephotofixit.com Thanks.
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I am so pleased with this! I will be sending you more in the future. I also posted this on Facebook and several people are asking me where I had this done. My parents are both gone, and when I saw this I couldn’t help but to tear up. Thank you so much.
Barbara A., CA

A wonderful job. I’m so pleased with the work. Made my wedding photo look like new although it was stored for 48 years!!!
Beverly R., TX

A 50 year old damaged polaroid of my new girlfriend at the time ....... now my Bride of 47 years! Thank you for bringing back the memory in full unblemished color .....
Barry B., WA

My mom was 25 yr old in this picture and she is turning 70. Thank you, thank you so much for the speedy service! This is one birthday gift she is going to be over the moon with!!! (I’ll be the favorite daughter forever! LOL!)
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People often underestimate the importance of taking pictures. Unfortunately we will never get another opportunity to take another photo of this man. I know his family will be overjoyed with this. Thank you beyond what words can say and I am certain this is only my first visit with you!
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Intuitive work flow. Simple upload and download process and the email confirmations are appreciated throughout the workflow.
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Marta S., TX

This photo means a lot to my family. My father helped take the photo with a close family friend. The original photo has always been displayed in our home somewhere. Due to the photo always being framed and on display, the original started to fade and discolor. Onlinephotofix did an amazing job at removing the discoloration and restoring the photo to its original colors. I can’t wait to frame the photo for my new home.
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Allen F., NJ

It brought tears to my eyes! I don’t know what the original picture looked like so I gave instructions on what I imagined this pic would look like. Great job! In shock! I am very very happy with this restored picture. I never met my grandmother and this is the only pic my mom had of her. I know this will bring tears to my mom’s eyes as well when she gets this for mother’s day from me! Thank you so much!
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The restoration of this rare picture was done with great craftsmanship. I will be sending all my photos to you for restoration. This process was simple and fast. It’s rare that you get total satisfaction. This restoration exceeded my expectations. The restored photo is phenomenal and will there to be enjoyed for all the generations to follow... Thank you.
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You did a terrific job in eliminating the flaws on the scan of my 1860s ambrotype image. Now, even if the original continues to deteriorate I have a beautiful image in my files.
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Gaye G., TN

This was the last photo of my husband and his mama before she passed away in 1998. I can’t express how emotional I feel looking at this photo restored. Thank you so much for doing an amazing job. I want to give it to him as a Christmas present and I know he will love it as much as I do.
Tracy A., WA

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Claire M., Australia

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Thank you for the great job of restoring this old black and white photo; came out great. The family really enjoys the prints of these old restored photos I have shared with them occasionally. They bring back many nice memories of a much simpler time.
Michael L., MA

I was very impressed with the restoration you did on a very important photograph and memory of my parents. I did not expect it to turn out anywhere near as good as it did. Thank you very much. 10 out of 10. Would score you more if I could :)
Peter C., United Kingdom

Beautiful work! You really made this one come to life. This photo was taken sometime before 1925 and adding color makes all the difference in the world. Thanks.
Shawn R., MD

My parents are going to cry when they see this 50 year old picture. Alongside them are their siblings, both of which have passed. It looks amazing! THANK YOU!!
Pam H., AR

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Stephen P., SD

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Christina B., IN

Wow... just wow! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you so much!
Maggie D., FL

My wife was so pleased to see the final result of her picture. This is the only photo of her when she was a baby. Now it looks brand NEW! Many, many thanks!
Fred and Helen E., VA

You really made my grandpa come to life! He passed away 16 years ago at the age of 96 - and worked up until a few weeks before he passed away. I only knew him as an old man. Seeing him in the strength of his youth really has meant a lot to me, my siblings, and my children (his great grandchildren).
Kevin D., TX

For so many years we've been looking for someone to restore this picture and we are so fortunate that we'd found OnlinePhotoFix.com; if they can fix that picture which basically was destroyed by a flood, then they can fix anything, I can’t thank you guys enough, I'll easily double the stars!
Randall Z H., Costa Rica

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Shannon A., TX

I appreciate the work. Everyone in this photo was dead by 1932 so I have never met any of them and it’s the only known photo of them all. Thank you very much, now I can share with the rest of the family.
Patricia S., MI

I WISH I could tell you HOW happy you make people!!! Your Work is CHANGING Lives!! Really… Don't ever think that what you do does not matter... IT DOES... YOU ARE an AMAZING group of people!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU… I am Proud to be able to show your work!
Tim M., NY

Oh my! It is beautiful! This is a photo of my sister that passed many years ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Bonnie H., TN

WOW- I am happy with the finished product. This picture was taken in 1906... I actually knew the bride very well- she was my great-grandmother and we spent much time together before we lost her in 1981. It is a blessing to see this family photo restore. Thank you for this wonderful work. I will definitely send more photos in the future... I have some that are even older that need to be restored.
Steven F., SC

Excellent restoration of a photo over 100 years old.
Keith G., VA

AMAZING QUALITY WORK! I could not believe what a great job they did with my Mom’s photo. I SERIOUSLY cried. It was like seeing her and my sister all over again. Thank you.
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Tina A., NY

Thank you a lot! This pic is 130 years old!!!
Olga K., MN

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Héctor C., TX

Thank you for restoring the picture of my Brother. It was the only picture I had of him. He died when he was only 7 years old. It is lovely to see him as I remember him. Thank you so much.
Stephen W., England

This is more than I expected. My adopted parents.. Rest In Peace. Look FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for your meticulous work.
Rafael S., CA

It looks great. Thank you for your hard work and saving my memory of my precious grandpa.
Heather W., OK

Thank you so much for bringing this photo back to its original condition, it’s my late mum who I lost when I was 17 and she was watching me ride my horse this day as a young teenager she had just been diagnosed with cancer but she always had a smile on her face. I can’t thank you enough for your excellent work.
Katrina V., Australia

OnlinePhotoFix went way above and beyond to restore a 60+ year-old photo that was severely damaged, but was the only existing photo of my toddler years. I could not be more pleased with the work and will happily recommend OnlinePhotoFix to family and friends.
Patricia H., IN

Just wanted to say a really big thank you. It's our 25th anniversary coming up and I know my wife is going to be thrilled with this. Thank you from both of us.
Tony H., England

The original picture is 80 years old. What was restored was amazing. I’ve ordered several pictures and received nothing but great work. Thank you so much for restoring this memory for my mom.
Patty D., OH

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Gemma R., England

It’s such a joy to see me with my dad he’s been gone over 40 years… this picture of us was soaked in water when my mother’s apartment building caught on fire. Thank you so kindly for your restoration work!
Jenice T., CT

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William M., MD

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Fabulous job. This was important to me because I had never seen a photo of my grandmother until I found this one last month at my mother's house. It was also important to see my father's face restored in the photo because I only have one other photo of him as a child. THANK YOU!
Kim H., MD

Thank you for doing the work despite the challenges, the designer has done a great job and I am very pleased. I will be using your services again. Best Regards.
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This edit exceeds my expectations--looks so clear, bright, and natural! Thanks for accomplishing what I thought was impossible!
Valerie C., GA

Amazing job everyone. I am in tears because this was my dream to see all my mother’s pictures restored and alive. Great great job.
Ninous Y., TX

You certainly are true artists. I am so please with the portrait.
Annette C., VA

Thank you so much. I am so happy because I can finally see my grandfather's face. I now know what he looked like. Words can't express my happiness.
Delrena D., OK

Another top notch restoration job on a difficult photo! I have been very pleased with all of the restorations you have done for me and I'm pleased to recommend you to fellow genealogists. You're my go-to folks for this.
Michael K., WA

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You People are THE BEST!!! Thank you for being such Great Artists!!
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John F., CA

I can see many more details than the results of another service I used. :)
John W., MS

You took a photo that I thought was beyond repair and made it look like it was taken yesterday! Thanks!
Rebecca S., FL

Thank you so much, my wife died 2 months ago and the only pictures I had where small ones, so when I enlarged them they were no use for putting in a large frame. Thank you for sorting this out for me. You certainly have done her proud.
William S., United Kingdom

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Excellent job!!! We are all very excited about this photo, it is going to make a WWII Veteran very happy. This is an outstanding job.
Katie D., RI

This is amazing. You did a great job! We could have done some of the restoration part, but never could have made the colors look so good. This is wonderful. Well definitely be using you all again.
Johnny S., MS

You all did an excellent job on the two photos and the turnaround time was very fast. My client will be well pleased. Thank you so much.
Gustavo P., TX

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Dawn N., NH

The work is excellent and the turn-around time exceptional. Thank you for your service. I will continue to send you many restorations.
Carolyn B., TX

This brings tears to my eyes. You took a badly damaged Polaroid and gave me back a lifetime memory. Thank you!
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Joy B., United Kingdom

Our customer cried when she saw the proofs - she didn´t think her photos could be saved. Thank you so much!
Alex G., TN

The family I desired to get the (rough copy) restored for had only this photo of their early family. Several have departed. Seeing this restoration will be emotionally invaluable to them. WELL DONE! Thank you.
Pete S., MO

I am blown away with the quality and speed, and I have been in the business for 40 yrs. Thank You!
Paul T., NJ

You have done a number of files for me and I am always amazed at the high quality of your work.
Allen S., OR

I appreciate the two versions. Both are excellent. Now I have to decide which one I like better! Very nice work and very quick turnaround. Thank you!
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Mike O., MN

Thank you for your hard work and integrity.
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