About Us

Onlinephotofix.com has specialized in preserving cherished memories since 2000. We breathe new life into old, worn, damaged, and discolored photographs by restoring, coloring, and manipulating the images. Our services cater to retailers whose customers require photo restoration or repair. Retailers simply scan the image and upload it to our secure, high-capacity server. Our talented and experienced photography professionals meticulously work on each image, skillfully restoring its beauty. On average, we deliver 50% of restorations within just 24 hours. Onlinephotofix.com provides a reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective alternative to in-house restoration services for retailers. Our affordable wholesale prices often result in higher profit margins for retailers compared to in-house services. We also cater to end users at regular prices. Our unparalleled customer service and guaranteed results set us apart in the industry.

Onlinephotofix.com Mission Statement
To attract and retain customers by providing high-value services and the most satisfying photo restoration experience in the world.

Onlinephotofix.com Vision Statement
To become the most successful and respected photo restoration company worldwide.

To enhance people's lives by offering them the opportunity to recover images from their past and empowering our employees to flourish and prosper.

Onlinephotofix.com Values
At Onlinephotofix.com, we uphold the highest standards of responsibility, quality, and teamwork in all our endeavors.